A mental disease that occurs in the formation of the brain. With different degrees of severity, it may range from mild social disfunctions to complete lack of speach, comprehension, etc. Usually pair with this problem is often a very exceptional gift such as extraordinary math or memorization skills. NOT THE SAME AS RETARDED.
See the movie "Rain Man". In it, Dustin Hoffman plays an man with autism.
by leppert leinad December 16, 2005
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Jacob Topping-Zimmerman
JTZ has Autism.
by Yehrt April 13, 2019
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A serious and very real developmental disorder characterized by impaired social interaction, restricted and repetitive interests and impaired communication.

Victims of autism suffer from severe mindblindness (complete lack of empathy) and often live in their own world.

A disorder where over 75% of those diagnosed today do not actually have it.

Those who actually suffer from the disorder want to be cured and are quite upset by the mass of fake autistics running around claiming otherwise.
I have severe autism. I began receiving SSI as a child, I attend Voc Rehab and will never be able to live on my own. I spent years in hospitals and institutions because of my autism.

by Najia April 25, 2009
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A disease that has such a broad spectrum that literally every human being is classified as Autistic.
Annoying Parasite: You have Autism.
Rational Human Being: And you should know, since you have been classified as autistic by your doctor.
by TheAutisticHumanBeing December 08, 2017
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A mental condition that can either make you really smart and a little retarded or really retarded and a little smart.

Asshole: LoL That guy over there talks funny.

Nice guy: Shut up idiot he has autism.


Guy 1: Wow that dude just drew a scale replica of the Sistine Chapel on his homework.

Guy 2: Must have high-functioning autism.
by A Guy with autism December 07, 2013
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