A sport played mostly in Australia. Aussie Rules is similar to Gaelic Football however Aussie Rules is played with a rugby shaped ball. Aussie Rules is sometimes referred to as Australian Football this leads to confusion as some NFL fans will think its like American Football
Wanna play Aussie Rules
by Archie Tartan October 15, 2020
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A very confusing game. Ironically, seeming to be devoid of any clear rules. Playes run around an oval field in any possible direction, kicking and passing the ball where-ever they feel the need. On the plus side, the players seem to have a good time as they are often laughing during play.
pub guy#1-"Have you ever watched Aussie Rules football?"
pub guy#2-"Haha ha ha haha ha ha....yeah good one mate!"
by Mick the Mouth May 26, 2008
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Real football. Not like that pussy American shit. Who the fuck needs pads? Aussie rules football is exciting to watch, and doesn't always end up as a big pile of broad-shouldered gay men 2 seconds after the whistle has been blown. American football sucks balls.
English football is cool though.
Aussie rules is a real sport that requires skill and determination, rather than just strength and an IQ of 2.7.
by Rohan January 26, 2004
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Nickname for Australian Rules Football, no padding, no helmets, just balls.
They play Aussie Rules in heaven, not Rugby.
by The Slater November 5, 2003
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the bast game to watch, better than that stupid american excuse for footy. no pads, just balls!
davo: did ya watch the footy last night?
cody: fuck yes GO THE CROWS!!!
by ozzy beamer April 10, 2005
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The best sport in the world - combines skill with strength, not just one or the other. Shits all over American football and to some extent, soccer where pussy footing about is considered a talent. Best players: Chris Judd, Ben Cousins and some other boof heads from other clubs ;o)
AFL 4eva!
"Who's gonna win the Aussie Rules Grand Final this year?"
"The Eagles"
"Who's gonna get the Brownlow?"
"Cuz... so hot right now..."
by Smythe July 31, 2005
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The most skillfull football code in the world (apart from soccer). A game which consists of a pointy ball, simular to a gridiron or rugby one. Invented in Australia, believed to originate from the Aborignial people. The game is played by two teams who's aim is to kick the ball through the goals or points. Four poles situated at the top ends of an oval feild. If you kick a goal it is the eqivilent of six points. This game requires high level fitness, muscular stregnth and athletic stamina and cannot allow chubby, tanky, thicknecked, fatlords who claim to be sports people by just sitting on thier asses eating hot dogs while claiming to be a hot athlete just coz they can block and tackle a few leaner guys, like in gridiron or rugby. Aussie rules does not require helmets and padding unlike the pussy weak arse excuse for "football gridiron" wtf? u guys dont even use your foot..u should call it gay ball because your players wear tights. If i want to see men in tights i will watch the ballet. In Aussie rules the players can only pass the ball by kicking, hand-balling (not throwing!!)Aussie rules football also consists of large amounts of tackiling, but suprisingly does not allow padding or helmets.
by aussieroo September 11, 2004
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