Sport of Legends. Gaelic Football is an amateur sport played throughout ireland, and in irish districts in parts of america and england. It is NOT a right wing terrorist organisation (LOL!) but it is a beautiful game which can give children all the right qualities in life..
1. Strength - Gaelic is a tough game, and you must be
strong at heart to play it (not neccessarily sizewise)

2. No cheating - other sports like soccer corrage children to cheat byt diving on the ground at any chance they get. This is strongly discouraged in gaelic and is seen as a weakness.

3. Not paid - Since the players are not paid, pride is what keeps every player going. Pride in there country and pride in there sport and pride in their parish.

4. Every game is PEACEFUL, there are no hooligans starting fights in the stands during a match. After every match everyone heads down the pub for pints. Unlike its british counterpart, soccer, where hooligans destroy whatever pride was left in soccer.

Gaelic, was not created in the 19th century, but can trace its origins back to the 16th century and beyond when the game was alot more crude and unorderly. Its rules were refined in the 19th century so that spectators could appreciate the game.

Players can play for either there county, or parish, and the colours they wear have been around for generations and generations and do not represent anything other than the pride and place where they live.

Many british people like to tar every irishman and woman with one brush.. in the past british forces have broken into croke park (Gaelic footballs head quarters and pitch in dublin) and killed 13 people, one 11 year old, one 12, one 13, a player , 5 women spectators, 4 male spectators.

The GAA (Gaelic Athletics Association) was set up in the latter half of the 19th century to REVIVE gaelic football and hurling because the british who had occupied ireland for the previous 700 hundred years had for long been trying to extinguish anything irish or celtic.

"Are you headin' down to croker to see the match on sunday'

"British people are jealous of Gaelic football, its sometimes funny"
by NiallMac August 21, 2006
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