The cutest girl in the world, can always put a smile on a face, and the best girlfriend in the world, and my true love. If you know anybody named Aurora, consider yourself lucky.
by Jurora 722 November 25, 2016
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The most beautiful person you will ever meet, she is the reason why the sun rises and sets. She can’t help herself when it comes to someone else, even if it gets in the way of her own benefit. You can’t help but be the best version of yourself when you’re around her, she just makes everyone better. Although at times she overthinks everything, it shows how much she really cares and is devoted to what you’re talking about. A very important characteristic is that even thought she’s an adult, she will act like a child, wether by being goofy and/or referencing spongebob episodes. However at the end of every day you just want her to be as happy as possible.
I love you Aurora, and I will try...no I will do anything and everything I can to make sure you’re the happiest girl in the world, because you deserve that and so much more.
by The One and only Deet July 25, 2018
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An amazing girl with a great personality. Sh lights up a room when she walks in , be happy you have a friend like aurora
Aurora is the best
by Chiky nuggets July 11, 2018
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A girl with a rainbow of different hair colours, from red to purple to blue to black. Most likely seen with an "Erin" or at least talking to one. Gorgeous and stunning, any guy would be lucky to have one, that is, if they are worthy. Aurora is typically the most beautiful girl in a crowd, thus easy to spot. Beware, all that harm the Aurora will have their houses burned down and their livestock stolen. By an Erin.
Jenny: What happened to your house, Sally??

Sally: I accidentally bumped into Aurora in the hallway today!

Jenny: Your house is burned down and all of your chickens are gone!


"Wow! Is she a goddess?! "

"No, even better, That's Aurora"
by EEK AP BECKETT May 08, 2010
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A wonderful girl with a great smile, and perfect teeth. She has beutiful curly brown hair, and deep brown eyes. Everyone loves her, and she loves all, especially her siblings. She takes great care every day into making sure her brothers/sisters are happy. She would trade her life for those of her siblings, if needed. She is also kind of morbid, but in a good way.
Boy: look at her with her brother, she must really love him
Girl: yeah, she's a total Aurora
by you'llneverguess>:) May 18, 2014
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Aurora is the most stunning girl ever. She is very funny and can make anyone smile. She may seem all goodie-goodie but once you get to know her, she's the most bad ass chick ever. She has lots of friends and is the definition of popular, but she is not a mean girl. She is fit and all the guys want her, she is unique and trustworthy.
by sammikle June 25, 2017
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