An epic gamer girl that plays epic games like minecraft, dead by daylight, and not fortnite. She has a rare case of no peepee syndrome. She only has 14 days to live
Guy1: Aurora is an epic gamer
Guy2: Ok but subscribe to pewdiepie
by angelfacepeanut April 02, 2019
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A beautiful athletic avarage weight girl, either really tall or super short. beautiful hair (dirty blonde)
Daumn look at Aurora today
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The most beautiful girl in the universe, with short black and brown hair with gorgeous brown eyes. She is sexy and incredibly funny and caring. Great person to hangout with
"Man, I wish i was going out with Aurora"
by .......... December 05, 2008
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1. Greek goddess of the dawn prone to making lingustic mistakes.

2. One of the many names for sleeping beauty.
1. When Aurora fell in love with a mortal she asked Jupiter to, " Give my man immortality!" When she should have said, " Give my man eternal youth!"

This eventually resulted in her lover getting so decrepit that she turned him into a grasshopper.

by Briar Rose Pomona July 10, 2008
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the name that originates from the Roman goddess of dawn.
People with the name Aurora tend to be slightly materialistic. They are fashionistas. An 'Aurora' also tends to have linguistic problems, and also problems with pronounciation of words. Auroras are also very outgoing, and not afraid to be themselves. An Aurora can often see herself as better than certain people, and sometimes forgets things easily.
'She's an Aurora for sure"
by super_girl1234 November 13, 2009
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The most amazing girl on the planet. Resembles the visual appearance of Ariel with long red hair, and a contagious smile. You'd be lucky to have Aurora as a girlfriend. She rains down sunshine on everybody's day and puts a smile on your face. :)
Aurora is my everything. <3
by Grant_999 May 10, 2016
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A badass who is smart, pretty, funny, and your best friend. If you meet an Aurora make sure to become friends with her.
by Mare_Barrow February 13, 2017
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