Improvised earplugs (or actual ear tampons!) made out of small wads of bungwipe or nasal tissue.
Most frequently used to help prevent an unwelcome ear whipping; can also be used to stem the tide of bright red blood from the ears when one has been exposed to very unpleasant sounds (like rap or metal to somebody who normally listens to adult contemporary, etc.)
{Hoolio}: Hey Husoos!!! What's with the Cleanax in your ears?
{Husoos}: Those are my aural tampons; some bungsnoipe was playing sludge metal music on this big-ass ghetto blaster on the bus I was just on, so I stuck those things in my ears to help stop the damn noise before some other rider beat the living tweedle out of the jerk who was blasting that nasty-azz "music"!

{Dominique}: Hey Hozay, what's with the wads of bungwipe in your ears?
{Hozay}: My ears started to bleed after I watched an R/C helicopter video on YouTube but I didn't know that there was going to be an Anthrax choon accompanying it, so I made me some aural tampons and stuffed those fuckers in my ears!
by Telephony May 21, 2013
Aural Herpes occurs when a song gets stuck in your head, goes away, and then comes back. Once infected, the song remains in the head for life, with outbreaks occurring from time to time. While there is no known cure for aural herpes, outbreaks can be treated, usually by listening to music.
Katy Perry is a common strain of Aural Herpes.
by wesa23519 September 3, 2011
When you accidently leave the volume on an ipod or mp3 ridiculously loud and forget. When you put in earphones and turn on the music, you go into shock for a second because the music is pretty much raping your ears from being so loud.
"i forgot to turn down my music and went in aural shock."
"haha dumbass"
by wtfeveeeer March 11, 2009
When the products of sex end up in your ears, without your consent. Occurs mostly in airplanes, where crying babies (i.e. sexual product) will not let you live in peace by making the most noise per square meter possible (i.e. raping your ears).
"why is Mary staying in the hotel all the time?"
"she still hurts from the aural rape she had to endure on her way here"
"really?! how hard was it?"
"3 kids"
"we should get her flowers"
by CountZero January 1, 2014
The act of giving or receiving mental sexual stimulation with or from an especially pleasant voice and/or accent.
He's not the greatest of boyfriends, but he has a lovely Scottish accent and she's keeping him around for the aural sex.
by Doctor_Kyrina April 8, 2010
Sexual intercourse involving one or more penises being inserted into the earhole(s). Also known as an "ear-job".
"maybe I can get some aural tonight"
"I got some aural last week, I fucked her earhole so hard she couldn't hear for a week"
by k§Y June 16, 2003
The psychological phenomenon of your mind turning a pretty mediocre song into a much better song when you recall the song from memory. Disappointment is guaranteed when you actually hear a song again.
Guy: This song sucks...I'm suffering from a case of aural transmutation!

Girl: What's that?

Guy: I remember this song being a lot better in my head. My mind must have aurally transmuted it into a better song.

Girl: Don't feel bad, everybody has to do that with Justin Beiber's "My World"
by Actraiser81 May 11, 2011