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A band originating from California. Their debut CD, which came out in September of '05, titled All the Stars and Boulevards, contains their hit single Boston. They could be considered 'piano rock' but when just reading their lyrics you may believe them to be emo though they are not.

Jared, Dan, South and Chris and the primary members. Former guitarest Josiah left the bad to pursue a solo career.

Augustana rocks my brains out. Bullets, track two on the cd, is considered one of the best songs they have produced by their fanbase.
by Morgan Wentz October 06, 2006
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a five guuy band wrote hit single is alternative, indie, rock, whatever you want to call it.
boy 1: did you see augustana in concert lasst night?????
boy 2: duh. they rock, my socks.
by euniceee July 18, 2006
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