a day where the universe will accept anything you manifest. but dont wish any death upon others ~ karma is a bitch.
August 27th will be the best day of your life !!
by kvmoraa July 10, 2020
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People born in august 27th are powerful. Virgo’s! They are the most funniest and craziest people on earth. If you were born in August 27th then you are probably really beautiful and smart.
no way you were born in august 27th!!
that’s really rare!! I’m jeaulous.
by urdreamperson April 24, 2021
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National meme day, this day is when you show all your friends the best memes out there and when someone shows you a meme, you have to laugh. no. matter. what. And that’s ok periot luv
August 27th example, “sup bitch; look at this bomb ass meme
by dumbfuckbitch November 3, 2019
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August 27th, the birthday of an amazing person
if youre born on this day youre poggers
Omg dude your birthday is august 27th wow you must be so cool

Did you here? His/her/their birthday is August 27th thats so pog
by an internet loser April 28, 2021
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This is the day, all the Hotties are born. Go bury them in gifts
Friend : Its August 27th, Isn't ur birthday?

Valerie : Yeah, why?

Friend : Its Hottie day.
by Chantilly <3 February 8, 2022
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A day when you can manifest anything you want, happy manifesting my luv. We all know you came from tiktok
Remember August 27th, its important
by Your Local Waifu July 13, 2020
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y'all thought something was gonna happen that day lmfaoo
Richard: Woah dude, it's august 27th 2020. What do you think is gonna happen?
Tyler: Bro nothing is gonna happen today. Tf.
by sweary mary October 12, 2020
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