a more intense version of the word “period
Beth: “Damn this bitch won’t keep my name outta her mouth.”
Me: “She needs to mind her business, PERIOT!”
by panyo May 14, 2019
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When someone is spittin straight fax you say periot
Josh: she is a selfish bitch
by Stupidbitchlmao🤡 May 29, 2020
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A slang word for the Periodic Table Of Elements. Periotable.
Can you find Hydrogen on the Periotable?”
Top Left
by Alexlikesgamez December 10, 2021
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Derived from the Greek roots "Peri" meaning "around" and "ter" meaning "Earth": Around the World
by Around the World January 3, 2010
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A person who irritates people while being on their period
Quit being a periotator!

You're periotating the hell out of me!
by Alexel_Vaasa March 16, 2019
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