The day where the best people have theses birthdays and have a great personality there nice kind cute and kind and you also have an amazing birthday all together
Cory: when's your birthday
Me: august 19th
Cory: you have the best birthday
Me: awe thanks
by Pippy_m7 December 18, 2019
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Hey it’s August 19

You know what that means
Let’s go get some Cake!
by 0hthatsvayyy October 22, 2019
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August 19 is national fuck a bitch up day.

On this day you get to beat the shit out of a bitch because you can...
Yo what happened to that bitch emily's face?

Maddie fucked her up man, its August 19th today.
by Hydrobitch November 3, 2019
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Hey it’s August 19th and you have a crush and your crush has an ass😏
by Kggviyfbh August 17, 2019
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The most iconic day, the day John Deacon was born.
"my name is John Richard Deacon and I was born on August 19th 1951"
by queenforthewin May 9, 2020
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National thirst trap day- a day where you only send thirst traps instead of normal snaps
Friend 1- Hey did you hear about August 19th?
Friend 2- No, what is on August 19th?
Friend 1- It is National Thirst Trap Day
by DikkSugga9000 August 17, 2021
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