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Someone who likes to announce everything in their life on facebook to get people to feel sorry for them/react. Usually grossly exaggerated but can also be completely fictitious in order for people to respond as they don't have a life/friends.
The usual response if you ask them to stay out of your life is your a jealous bitch (and usually retards that can't spell) followed by some sort of tragic life story.
These kind of people like to constantly test their relationship/friendships to feel wanted.
Sane person: "can you please stop bitching about me and leave me alone?"
Attention seeker goes on facebook "OMG what a jelous bich! So bang out of order! Someone needs to sort her out..."
Sane person: wtf?

Attention seeker "I have just had it up the ass wid my sexy bf!"
Sane person "How classy dear"

Attention seeker "my bf wont lick my fanny! help"
Sane person: "Maybe you should sort your stinky hairy cunt out?"
by 69bellend69 August 20, 2009
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Someone who engages in crying/fake drunkness/tantrums/telling you they're depressed but not saying anymore/poking you repeatedly in the hope that you will fall in love with them and give them an ego trip. Often found in Drama/Dance/Expressive Arts classes up and down the country. Almost always Female.
If youve never known one, then you must live in a remote village somewhere in Kazakhstan.
by Real Rock Fan November 10, 2004
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One who creates something very disturbing to try to ruin someones reputation. The attention seeker achieves their goal by attaining maximum amount of attention from fellow peers, not realizing the consequences that are set for this individual attention seeker.
Sometimes an attention seeker will go down to a very low, lowest of level to gain attention and hurt someone.

Attention seeker can be anyone, friend, family, anyone.

Attention seeker will do anything and everything it takes to ruin someone, unknowingly, the person they are trying to mess has already prepared a "just incase" alternative.
by TurnofEvents March 15, 2013
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A person who craves sympathy from multiple people by consistently drawing attention to ongoing personal problems is one way in which a person can be deemed seeking attention and is the most common kind. They can do this in person or on social networking sites to reach a wider audience. But attention seeking can come from getting looks from multiple people as a means to boost their ego, confidence and/or view of their place in society. This also improves standing in society and is considered to make them more popular. The common medium is the motorcar. Expensive, fast makes and models are perceived as the most effective at attracting the gaze and receiving positive feedback from people. So the social group most likely to indulge in parading themselves to get looks are people in the employment of high paying, top companies
I saw a man yesterday racing his Porsche down the street. He really was an arrogant attention seeker!
by PA2015 March 30, 2015
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People who say that they are no one and nothing. Mostly lie about things that have happened in their lives and ALWAYS call themselves ugly and worthless. Shut the hell up, you haven't seen worse yet.
Attention Seekers
Girl: I'm no one. Nobody likes me. I'm fat.
Me: Shut the fuck up you lying hoe
by Flyingfucksigive0 August 23, 2016
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A group of girls that have 12 boyfriends but only want them for attention. They secretly hate them all and want one boy but are not loyal enough.
Usually are depressed because they want a loyal "boy" but that boy ends up turning into "boys". Attention Seekersare usually made up of a group of girls that hate everyone!
by yamumsyadad June 18, 2017
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I was apparently attention seeking lol wait I’m sharing this with everyone I’m attention seeking right now lol
Me:who ever is putting that shit up about me and rose behind an anonymous app pu ye spoons

Jack:ur an attention seeker
by Mollyisgxy22 October 21, 2018
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