Australian pop band from Adelaide. The band is made up of brothers, Andrew and Harrison Kantarias and best friend Jae Curtis. Andrew, the youngest, is keys and vocals while Harrison is vocals and Jae is guitar and drums.

Fans are called 'sunsetters'
Person: whats the name of a fabulous band?
me: At Sunset
by my inspiration January 13, 2013
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Making something disappear or never be seen again. Like the end of a movie when the main character drives into the sunset never to be seen again.
Person 1: "Check out my new whip."
Person 2: "bruh you need to sunset that shit."
by dumbdefs October 27, 2017
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In corporate doublespeak, sunsetting something means stopping to do something, eg. a project or different aspects of the job.
We need to sunset that initiative we started last year.
I can't believe they want to sunset the dental benefit!
by 404dude April 10, 2008
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Bungie's way to sneak content out of the game just to resell it to us later.
Bungie ended up Sunsetting half of Destiny 2.
by AppleSnipe November 9, 2020
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The act of making something disappear without bringing notice or attention. A reference to endings of movies where the main character rides off into the sunset with no explanation or knowledge of the destination.

Regularly used to describe the act of abandoning a vehicle that has been set in motion with intent for it to continue moving 'towards the sunset'.
"I need you to get rid of the car we stole during the heist."

"Don't worry boss, I've been sunsetting cars since I was 16."


"You need to sunset that ride. Drive safe, Baby"

- Kevin Spacey (Baby Driver, 2017)
by babydriverbossbaby September 4, 2022
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one of the prettiest things you will ever experience. you watch it with a girl and tell her she's just as beautiful as it is and sleep until morning and watch the sunrise. also a pretty nickname for an amazing girl just as pretty as a sunset in the sky
'little baby your as pretty as the sunset'
by yyyyyyyyyyaaaaaaaaaa April 13, 2009
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the beautiful moment that occurs near the end of the day, where the sky erupts into color as the sun descends. the colors slowly fade into a mysterious black. during a sunset, humans are captivated by the beautiful colors and watch with joy as the sun disappears into the beyond.
they watched the sunset and stood in awe of the colors before them.
by jess894 January 7, 2019
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