19 definitions by orthodox easton

1)Big Shaq's friend and youtuber Chunkz,2)"head' 3)a real real fat
"Went from Asznee to I SNEEZE LMAOOOO"
by orthodox easton May 11, 2021
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another haitian word/term.it means pest or someone extremely aggravating,similar to Sanwont
Jironflon.Wap mandem pou ashte kek liv pou ou menm yet ou ashte $500 sou liv.
(Jironflon,why are u asking me to buy more books yet you already bought $500 worth on books!)
by orthodox easton April 10, 2022
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misalteration of the word "chrism", a type of balsamic oil used for chrismation
by orthodox easton August 16, 2022
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a haitian dude.comes from the group "zoe pound" and from the Kreyole word "lamegzo(zo)" meaning skinny/twig/bony
Sam is a zoe who celebrates May 18th(Haitian Flag Day)
by orthodox easton April 19, 2022
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