a shitstained cocksucka who loves dat cock in their anal hole
hey josh, you a wankin asshole
dat nigga a wankin asshole
sup bitch, yall know you a wankin asshole
then gelvin was all like, you a wankin asshole!!
by bROD November 29, 2013
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Wanting to know everything about everything.

A government form

Nosey person enquiring into your business

The VAT inspector
I had to fill in a visa application for Australia the other day. Those mother fuckers wanted to know the in's and out's of a cows asshole!
by Robinhos April 25, 2015
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you- hey, whats the closest thing to a fishs asshole?
friend- uh idk
you- a finn!
friend- haha
you- haha
by simoisgod February 3, 2021
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The name you give your asshole when you are White. Generally used in a derogatory way.

See also:
Milk Chocolate Asshole
Dark Chocolate Asshole
That principal can suck my white chocolate asshole if he thinks I give two shits about what he just said!

Oh yeah, daddy! Lick my milk chocolate asshole!

I’m gonna shove my foot up your dark chocolate asshole if you don’t shut the fuck up!
by Word Maestro March 8, 2018
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to be your true self in attempt to save someone from their destiny
Shes being a whole asshole today!!
by Ann Washington July 5, 2020
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When an internet troll questions your taste in media by using their own false claims of knowing how real plays work, they often claim that school plays don't qualify as actual experience and think that all drama classes are about learning about the likes of William Shakespeare, they also think that they know better than you in terms of pop culture references.
Wow...talk about a major case of Uncultured Asshole Disorder
by MM132 March 23, 2016
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volounteers who vote no to any new word submitted by users that is still pending
"i'm gonna check my e-mail to see if my word was approved! ah shit it got denied because a bunch of urban assholes decided to deny it"
by Protix August 14, 2020
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