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A term of endearment for a sassy friend that isn’t a full blown asshole; a friend with asshole tendencies but you love them
Greg and Chris are some kind asshoes.
by CallMeEvian May 07, 2019
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a bitch, or whore who enjoys doing them self in the ass with there finger or a other house hole tools. The end of a spoon, fork or knife.
Maria is such a ass ho. She stuck that spoon up her butt the other night!
by catfiSH123456789 December 04, 2010
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1. One who hoes their ass.
2. A shortened form of asshole.
2. I poop from my assho.
by clayton and teresa April 07, 2004
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someone that hit enter before finishing what they were typing
mack: cmon show me your dildo
jenna: hell no you phuckin assho
by sKyE December 30, 2003
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A person who is constantly providing their ass for other people's "pleasure"
That kid Cullen is an Ass-Ho. He just can't keep his ass to himself
by Panamorous January 22, 2009
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