that asshoe charged $500! what an asshole!@!
by Collin Z. March 8, 2009
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the way a chinese person pronounces asshole
chris is an asshoe
by Lemoncakes November 28, 2011
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word created by typing error.
1. A homosexual prostitute
2. (scot) A young female who consents to bum sex with boys wearing sports clothing and burberry. This usually takes place in deserted parking lots or behind cheap tacky chip shops while participants are under the influence of drugs and alcohol
That Steanna Rewart, she's an asshoe!
*name changed for the protection of not so innocent*
by JJL November 25, 2004
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A mispronunciation of the word asshole.
Yo asshoe, what did yu dat fo?
by Amina Koyim February 13, 2011
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A person who is soliciting his her's assholiness like a prostitute.
"He is totally an asshoe!"
"Did you see how Jenny treated Jack? Such an asshoe."
by T Squib May 28, 2016
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people who are asses and hoes
People like Juwan are an asshoes
by Draculania October 29, 2008
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A term used by psychotic illiterate, brown, fat, ugly, mom-jean wearing, with crooked teeth, who desperately needs braces, joke of a mother, desperate, skanky, oger lover who lacks a sense of tack and a sense of humor.
I don't know who is more of an asshoe, Amina (aka El Chupacabra) or Gabe (aka Shrek).
by Wet Back April 26, 2008
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