The crusher part in night 3 in Jolly 3 when entering the room on the right in the after shift and getting jumpscared by Antionette and waking up on the conveyor of the assembly line. When antionette says "This will be your last." the assembly line will activate and the player will have to mash the up and down arrows to avoid getting crushed.
Player: goes to the room on the right after the shift
*Gets jumpscared by Antionette*
*Wakes up and sees a crusher*
Antionette: This will be your last.
*Assembly line activates*
by Omair1962 December 12, 2021
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The act of having a circle of Gay Men all having sex with each other creating a circle of anal penetration and being penetrated.
We assume it would take at least 7 men to form a traditional assembly line.
by Xertdor November 27, 2011
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A drinking game similar to flip cup where instead of drinking beer in solo cups and flipping the cup with a 3 or more people, it is a 1 on 1 race of drinking different types of shots in a row. I.E shot of bourbon, shot of whiskey, shot of vodka, shot of gin, and a shot of rum, and a shot of tequila. You don't flip the shot glass because you would not be able to because you'd be way to fucked beyond your imagination.

You're night is fucking done after you finish the assembly line. You both lose. There are no winners.
"I died after we did that fucking the Assembly Line"
by seab@$$ September 7, 2009
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The act that occurs when a man who is having doggie-style sex with a woman, is fed by a third party in the room.
He took part in a Russian assembly line last night when he was fucking the girl while his buddy hand-fed him cookies
by FantasticSam December 10, 2010
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music that is mass-produced, usually containing what seems to be interchangable parts; such as recycled beats, melodies, themes, song structures, etc.
I can't listen to top 40s radio; it's all assembly-line music.
by clarke paley October 23, 2010
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