Is a pimp who owns man hoes and sells them for sexual pleasure.
Look at that guy over there, hes an ass pimp
by toxicity777 August 27, 2008
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1.)The art of pimping out one sisters ass.
2.) Giving verbal homage to a banging ass friend
I had to ass-pimp my SL sister so she could strut her stuff in her bitch boots and take down her whore challenger.
by SweetTeets Cupcake May 22, 2011
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(adj.) Something or someone of exceptional reknown or of up-to-the-minute style and knowledge; one who is not to be dissed or fucked with. Similar to "badass".
"That is one pimp-ass motherfucker, G!"; "Your suit is fuckin' pimp-ass!"
by dudley1969 May 16, 2003
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of extremely high quality.
Superlative prefix: Rimpity pimpity
See also spleen ass
"That's a pimp ass coat you've bought"

"We've won Kylie in a raffle? Rimpity pimpity pimp ass!!!!"
by mc November 30, 2003
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the feeling you get when you are feeling cool around all your friends
Jake: damn man your funny
JOhn: Yeah im feelin Pimp-ass
by zeke brackston August 28, 2008
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Indicating a musical phrase or performance of exceptionally high quality.
Good lord, that trumpet player is pimp ass
by mk December 02, 2003
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