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A form of beetle (bug) found in the wild.
A scary beetle with horns (this is a badass beetle)

How Beavis and Butthead call eachother
Huh-huh.. You're an Ass Beetle!
by Fukaface! December 17, 2010
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The feeling that a colony of Beetle eggs are hatching from ones ass after a savage dump.
John: Man, my ass is really irritated from that last dump, I shouldn't have eaten the large popcorn last night.

Frank: Ahhhh, Ass Beetles, I feel your pain bro.
by Jack Hofking March 02, 2011
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A beetle of dung. Infests regularly. No cure. Falls out of your ass at its own accord. Believed to be caused by 3 day old sushi.
"Excuse me, Miss, your ass beetle is hanging out."
by Metatron Agent of God September 26, 2003
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