Someone with Asian background who dont mind to joke about their culture. They can adjust to any culture but still part of their own. They have a huge sense of humor and open-minded.
Some random foreign asks an Asian lady "Aren't you tired of all the funky food such as balot, chicken feet, and shirmp head?" "Dont jugde my Asianess" Asian lady said.
by EPET August 20, 2011
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Asia is beautiful inside and out. she wish there was that one soul that could finally understand her. Outside she a happy person and very blunt but on the inside is miserably depressed. She has the biggest imagination in the universe and always find laughter in everything. In my eyes Asia is a goddess and i wish people can understand her more. In my eyes Asia just wants to be free.
Me: "hows life?"
Asia: "idk i wish i could fly on a pegasus"
me: "o.O'
by Reham abdul December 9, 2012
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AsIA is beautiful girl who is always there for her friends no matter what. She will always help you when your down. Hard to forget her ex but will always come up with ways to cheer herself up. She forgives very easily but her heart is fragile. If you know a Asia then try to keep her, she'll always have your back. She is also good at comebacks.
Person1: did you hear Asia's bf broke up with her?
Persom2: she must be shattered.
Asia (talking to her ex): YOU ARE LIKE A PENNY 2 FACED AND WORTHLESS.*KICKS LOCKER* (this actually happend)
by Hi welcome to Chill's February 2, 2019
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Asia is the most sexiest, smartest girl alive. She has many friends and people always try to copy her style. She always thinks about the bigger picture in life. She has a great imagination and very creative. Asia should be classified as "Goddess" because she has a perfect body, killer looks, and power over men
by ljay1039 February 1, 2015
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Asia is the type of person who can be friends with just about anyone. On the outside she is the most happiest person in the world. Of course she has her days but it wont take long until she has a big smile on her face. Asia isn't as happy as you may think she is though, she just needs a distraction to keep her from realizing how much pain she is in. Asia wishes more people understood her, but knows her wish is really just a fantasy. Asia is depressed inside. She has low self esteem and often thinks low of her self. Many people think they can help Asia but in reality they can't. Asia is beautiful in others eyes but often convinces her self she isn't. She isolates her self from certain people and laughs when she's nervous or uncomfortable. She's a fighter and often wants to get into trouble but no one has ever really seen her worst side. She always has times for jokes and is a fighter.
You okay Asia?
Yea, of course
by winter3 January 12, 2019
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Asia is so fucking sexy, her eyes glow like an angel. She is very loving and attractive. Her body is fabulous, she gets anything she wants , and a lot of people are jealous of her even though her worst day she’s beautiful. On the inside Asia is a free soul. She can be the sweetest person but don’t get on her bad side. Once you have feelings for her they won’t go away . Asia have some flaws to she will not let you run over her and is very. Crazy behind you if she’s that deep in love with you.her parents spoil her like crazy.she is. Very intelligent she know things about you that you wouldn’t no your self,and she can get very sexual in a way you can’t explain.
Asia is everything you wish for but is the thing you wish to dream of.
by ???????.Guess March 27, 2018
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Asia is kind,generous soul if you ever meat her your very lucky.Nobody seems to under her she's beautiful on the inside and outside.Every one knows she is the queen bee so don't mess with her or you will be gone is a second.She will turn every one against you.Because she knows every one of your little secrets she is very powerful.When you see her you will be hit in the face with her beauty.She is known for her strength, the ability to make anybody feel loved everyone wants to be around her.She can make you feel so helpless at points or can fill you with happiness.She is also very funny and can make u fall in love with her is seconds.
Asia is a goddess
by mindreader123 May 1, 2020
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