The Germanic/Dutch spelling of the word Africa. From "Zuid Afrika" which was the name for South Africa given by the Dutch settlers who founded, claimed and built the country that was then unjustly stolen from them by the immigrant hordes of low intellect backed up by left wing, bleeding heart, liberal swine.
Afrika, is primarily the Nordic European spelling of the English Anglo word.
Have you ever been to South Africa? It was a paradise up until 1994. So sad, the country will now devolve back into the stone age...with maybe the exception of Southwest Afrika. That is the Israel of the Afrikaner. The new proposed homeland and last enclave of civilization for white South Africans.
by Adust99 November 10, 2007
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Afrika is a seriously cool and chill dude. That's enough compliments though, we wouldn't want to make his ego any bigger. Afrika loves fishing, playing golf(aka losing his balls), surfing, filling awkward silence with nonsense, running and reading books that aren't really books. Due to his attention span being as short as his friends, he's only able to read graphic novels(Shame even Alex Rider books are too much for him). If I knew him, I'd recommend that he looks into more advanced picture books, such as Dr suess. He has big dreams for the future, such as being able to cook anything other than boiled eggs, and becoming a hot, white blonde girl so that he can pass his driver's... But I guess life did him dirty cuz he's BlackAF. The only time he really can't be black is on among us. I would give more information but I don't have access to Afrika's notebook. Some say that notebook is why he's still single.. Well that and his watermelon shorts
Afrika if you could start start a Ted talk what would it be about?
by NotYourMumzie November 25, 2021
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Barbi Afrika is kinda better than Ukiqurac, but she's bad too. They both have 9 year old fans, but she's slightly better than her. Stay pressed vaznekurci 😗
Girl 1: My idol is Barbi Afrika! What about you?
Girl 2: Same! She's slightly better than Ukiq.
by Did I ask lmao October 5, 2020
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The pioneers of House before house was cool. The full name of the group is called Afrika Bambaataa and the Soulsonic Force. This group paved the way for other house (and hip hop greats) like Grandmaster Flash. Imitated by some; replicated by none. Go Download some NOW!
Afrika Bambaataa is sampled by lots. Listen to "Looking for the Perfect Beat" and listen to DJ Khaled's "Holla At Me Baby" and notice the "similarities". Also, if you have a Playstation 2 nearby, play Grand Theft Auto: Vice City and just listen to the rap station for a little bit and you hear "Looking for the Perfect Beat."

Listening to Afrika Bambaataa makes me wanna breakdance, no matter where I am.

Download Looking For the Perfect Beat and Planet Rock. NOW!
by Inspector Gadget September 26, 2006
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Serbian tik toker that is annoying asf but lil bit better than Uki Q
Person A: Hey do you prefer Barbi Afrika or Uki Q
Person B: Barbi Afrika obviously
by Lena xd xd January 2, 2021
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Barbie Africa (Barbara Milenkovic) is a girl from Serbia. She makes videos, in which she mostly shakes her ass, while her 10-year-old fans like those videos. She was in a relationship with a lot of tiktokers. Although beautiful, the way she gained fame was pretty naughty. Her fans are called "Barbinatori". You guessed it, their name is very retarded.
Barbi Afrika
by jebačkevi January 14, 2021
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Southwest Afrika is the new homeland for the Afrikaner people residing inside the former South Africa under National Party rule. Southwest Afrika is located between the Northern and Western Cape provinces. Orania is the first Township of its kind and is designated as an Afrikaner enclave that marks this new lands eastern most point. The proposed territory then runs west until it meets the Atlantic ocean.
Although Orania is an official Afrikaner township with its own laws and currency, Southwest Afrika is at this time only the proposed land for the Afrikaner homeland. It is known as the Israel for the Afrikaner, as they believe their government was unjustly stolen from them. They are not racist but indeed, they are Preservationists. They believe in the potential of their Tribe and desire to preserve their people, as well as their Afrikaans language from extinction. The political wing of The New Great Trek movement is the "Vryheids Front" or translated into Freedom Front. Afrikaner belief is that Afrikaners must only be ruled by Afrikaners.
White South Africans are migrating clandestinely on towards the new Great Trek! It is now time to go in droves! Come brothers and sisters, wives and husbands, your children...Let us Trek to Orania and spread our seed West. We must build our new Nation of Southwest Afrika. It is only a piece of the great land that was robbed from us, but it is the key to our preservation. Afrikaner must be ruled by Afrikaner!
Our Israel awaits us...Let those who wish to immigrate to Orania from outside South Africa do so, knowing that when setting foot upon Orandie soil...that they must from then fourth relinquish their former title and become for then and on forever Afrikaner!
by Adust99 November 10, 2007
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