A girl named Ashleigh is very musically talented, she is a strong independent woman, and will always make you feel better when your down, her voice is angelic,she is very Beautiful too, if you know an Ashleigh, you are very lucky, she will be one of the best people in your life
"Ashleigh's voice is soo angelic"
"How is Ashleigh So talented??"
by Patsylove71 February 3, 2019
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A Girl who is a good lover and a good looker with the right moves and loving heart and won't take shit from anyone and doesnt give a shit what other people say about her.
Dude: See that ashleigh chick? She hot isn't she?
Dude2: Yeah i see her and nawh she is

smexi not hot "SMEXI"
by Girl gone goth May 9, 2009
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Ashleigh is the best friend anyone could ever have. On the surface, she's the quiet and nerdy type. You could write her off as boring but it would be the biggest mistake of your life. She does not take bs from anyone and will call you out with no hesitation. If you are one of the select few that an Ashleigh chooses as her close friends, you should consider yourself lucky. She's the Mom Friend that keeps the fun going while also preventing anyone from making bad decisions. You can trust an Ashleigh with your life. She's endlessly supportive and full of love, beauty, and witty comebacks. Ashleigh is the type of friend you could barely talk to for months but will be right at your side the moment you need her. Everyone needs an Ashleigh in their lives. If you don't, you're missing out.
"Wow. None of us brought any water, food, or money on our 4-hour hiking trip. If only we had an Ashleigh, then this wouldn't even be a problem."

P1: "Who's that over there? Damn, she's cute but I'm absolutely terrified of her at the same time."

P2: "Yeah man, that's Ashleigh. She's got BDE for days but she's super chill... just don't be a moron."
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The most beautiful girl in the universe, where none in future, past or the present could ever compete with. However sometimes cold and unfeeling; she is always friendly and pleasant upon first contact. Incredibly intellegent and loves/hates teaching math to her best friend. Invincible in a catfight. Loves music and has a passion for the piano as well as figure skating. Infallible speller and gramatic princess with a mean shark bite.

A girl whom the words amazing, phenomenal, astonishing, brilliant, awe-inspiring, divine, startling, excellent, surprising, fabulous, incredible, magnificent, marvelous, outstanding, remarkable, astounding, stupendous, fantastic, awesome, sensational, something else, staggering, fine, super, tremendous, gorgeous, unheard-of, miraculous, wondrous, stunning, 'a vision', and aesthetic don't even begin to describe.

Often reffered and compared to (as) a 'butterfly', or just 'B'. I wish I was an Ashleigh. Or at least her best friend. See that Ashleigh? I want her really bad. All the boys and girls crave me because I'm an Ashleigh! Hey Butterfly! I mean, Ashleigh!
"I wish I was an Ashleigh. Or at least her best friend."

"See that Ashleigh? I want her really bad."

"All the boys and girls crave me because I'm an Ashleigh!"

"Hey Butterfly! I mean, Ashleigh!"
by LaurenXV December 27, 2010
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Just an amazing girl really. She's cute, fun to be around, trust worthy and can make me smile. Loves orange juice and cats! I'm glad I've got an Ashleigh cause if you haven't got an Ashleigh then get ready for a boring life. Don't let go of an Ashleigh!
There is no example to show how amazing Ashleigh is.
by A person from England March 30, 2013
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A lovable girl that loves family does not care about haters will fight in what she believes in but don't get on her bad side She will fight and win
Teacher 1: man Ashleigh can learn and write I am so glad she is in my class
Teacher2:omg I wish she was in my class can we switch
by Boothecute December 22, 2016
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Ashleigh's are usually brunettes, short, but very spunky. They are beautiful inside and out. They do not date very many guys they wait for the one they love. They are very proper and lady like but know how to have a good time. Everybody loves Ashleigh because shes understanding and is always someone you can trust and they give amazing advice. they will always be there for you too.
guy: whos that spunky girl?

other guy: idk looks like an ashleigh
by meathead numberface December 31, 2011
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