she is very unique.

beautiful, good looking, total stunner.
big tits and a nice ass and a unique body
usually really hot
amazin ta talk 2

tell her everyfin
has the most amazin kisses
if u no an ashleigh, ur fortunate, dont ever let go af her
my ashleigh is unbelievable

she is good in bed

i luv ashleigh
by YourMum543 June 19, 2009
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Ashleigh is a bad bitch who gets who/what she wants no matter how long it takes. She doesn’t give up on people but feels that the loyalty in some relationships she’s in is one-sided. She is super sweet and the prettiest girl you’ve ever seen. And she is the best kisser.
“I can tell Ashleigh all my secrets and i totally trust her. She’s so cool!”
“Ashleigh gives the best head. Way better than my ex!!!”
by suckacock99 July 12, 2018
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Very talkative, cute, and ready to win. Ashleigh can beat a boy in the gym, and always smiles. She can do cartwheels, and sheer sheep.
An Ashleigh will win at everythin!
by Teamjaide February 11, 2016
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One of the most beautiful girls you will ever meet, you will fall in love but she will play you and break your heart for one of your friends and then go on to play just because she is supposedly confused. Girls named Ashleigh can either make you will whole or leave you shattered.
Boy 1: Look it’s Ashleigh over there
Boy 2: Oh no, don’t this again
by heartbroken0909 July 2, 2019
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A nice girl who's laugh lights up the room, can be awkward in some situations and sometimes at social events but is a good friend. SUPER edgy, like the edgiest gal on the block, usually brown hair and is way smarter than she knows.
Always has her own opinions on things and doesn't try to follow the crowd.
damn could ashleigh be any edgier?

that girl is edgy, she must be an ashleigh!

"no one likes me"- "yes they do!, you're an Ashleigh"
by ugoodbro6969669 July 25, 2018
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She can be quite reserved when it comes to sharing about herself, but she’s still an amazing woman that can withstand the many trials thrown her way. She’s absolutely someone you can look up to and help you along your journey. An Ashleigh is someone who’s hard to crack, but once you do, she will be a lifelong friend.
Ashleigh has gone through a lot and has grown tremendously during the process.
by BigBootyBitch321 September 8, 2021
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