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Ashlei’ is really beautiful and a little bit sassy and wil tell you how it They are shy and sometimes she is really goofy funny sometimes and Ashlei’s are popular and they will let you go and don’t even care and sometimes care about their self and ashlei’s are loyal but sometimes can be really moody and don’t ever disrespect them because they will go off on you overall everyone loves them
by gamergin123 April 07, 2019
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A total bad ass who takes shite from no one. Usually is a meme god. Will love her bf, who is usually a meme god, and eats tide pods. Shy but really enjoys contact with people she is in a relationship with (for example, hugging, holding hands, maybe a kiss on the cheek but nothing major, she is shy after all), but too afraid of pure rejection from them to admit it. She is very hard to embarrass (her younger sister will often embarrass her, so she will take anything).This weirdo is loveable and a bit bonkers. An ashlei is an amazing person to have in your life. Loves sports like soccer. Is also innocent, you'll never catch her swearing, but sometimes she can come out with a mouthful.
Person 1: Holy shit, Ashlei and *boy* are dating?
Person 2: Yep.

Person 3: I hear she's so nice
by gamergir69 February 12, 2018
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the coolest way to spell the common name ASHLEY.
it is also the nickname for the best ashley out there.
by Ashlei September 04, 2007
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a brown-haired, blue-eyed bombshell of the female variety. exceptionally rare, found mainly in subterranian arctic regions of italy.
dude, i saw an ashlei today, and it was glorious.
by madeleinebelle October 28, 2007
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