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To tip ash on someone or something, either purposely or accidentally.
She just ashed me!
by daveydub April 17, 2010
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Tennagers often say this just before getting high, often with a joint. They make a imaginary shed and step into it and sit down and get high (making sure to close the door behind them). Often these imaginary sheds are made in obvious places e.g oval, park
Me "hey, piglet! wanna go make a shed?"
Piglet "Fuck yer!"
Me "sweet, let the stoning begin!"
by Jesus The Stoner March 01, 2008
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The slang term for a sexual act where one stimulates the anus with a thumb during copulation. This move is usual performed in a clockwise motion.
"I Ashed her ass real good?"
by Albert Bino March 23, 2008
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β€œman, why’d you throw my grandpa’s ashes on me? you totally just ashed me.”
by heyyimemily January 21, 2018
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