Ashas are great friends, some are eshays, but thats ok, they are Hilarious, kind, and dislike egg.
HI asha wanna come over for dinner?
idk what are you having?
no thanks
by August 18, 2021
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Her hair grow long like chia and she is the big idea. She is strangely interested in dark school shooter memes. She listens to meme music and constantly screams “I AM IN MISERY.” whenever she is the tiniest bit upset. If you don’t answer her FaceTime.. you’re in for it buddy. She will make up buttload of stupid faces that are perfect to screenshot. She is interested in.. I guess you can call it “dancing”.
Kennedy: hair grow long like chia
Ashas:I AM THE BIG IDEA *starts singing unnecessarily*
No one:
Asha:Look at the meme I just sent you. And why didn’t you answer my call yesterday!?
by Dontdiplikedad August 23, 2019
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Asha a person thats short has a big forehead and she loves putting things in her boyfriends butt.
Asha: is it in yet

Darius: its not big enough

Asha: I’ll get the 14 inches
by Loading now.... March 5, 2018
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More known as Ashy Cracks because she’s ASHY AS FUCK
Damn Asha go put some lotion on
by Cheese16Bucks March 28, 2019
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She is a bit chubby, more like big and fat, she enjoys eating and relantionship s with older guys, don’t be fooled she’s as greasy on the outside as she is on the inside
Oh my days did you see how big she is ?

Yeah that’s asha
by WillyBonker October 2, 2018
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Unique and beautiful loving person who has a big heart .don't get on her bad side cause she is a little demon.
by the one and only 1503 December 25, 2016
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