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A lanky, lean, almost ethereal being that just flows seamlessly through everything. Has a discrete but undeniable presence that grows on you slowly, gradually, until you find yourself so intoxicated by all the things triggered in you, you're hooked.

A verbal and mental lubricant, able to stir even the most mundane and simple of imaginations, but especially flex the muscle of the more vivid ones. Will yield rich inner experiences ranging from wild sex images to the most innocent moments of pure magic.
A constant source of fascination coming from owning an exceptionally delicious mind.
A flexible canvas that will allow you to conjure and attach almost all the positive attributes onto it.
A goddamn hurricane, goddamn storm, goddamn tempest.
More often than not a cause for frustration due to the constant need for more and more. Light, invisible like air, and for short moments every now and then just as vital.
A reason to lose your otherwise flawless sense of reason.
For a while, at least, the mistress of another odd entity.
Hazardous and cautious at the same time, constantly pending between control and the loss of it.

Will make you laugh very often and keep you on your toes.
by ssquash May 20, 2012
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Hanging with the Broskis. When the Broskis say something agreeable. Correct greeting term when you are greeted by the broskis
“That shirt is pretty cool” “asahhhh dude”
“Is anyone down to party tonight?” “Asahhhh dude”
by Zomonsta May 31, 2018
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