It's an intensifier of an expression
by K.luv July 13, 2015
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A girl or guy who sleeps with multiple people. We're using the word to describe guys too if it fits them. Multiple means more than one. Whores will make up a weird definition of multiple.
Don't make excuses, whore.
You'll never become a good husband or wife if you are a whore.
by chFree77 July 31, 2018
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One whose brain is closed shut, but whose legs are wide open.
Person 1:That whore's been screwing every dude she sees!
Person 2: Yea, even the ugly ones...and I think the last one wasn't a guy
by goodtunesoulseeker July 27, 2008
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An individual who compromises his or her principles for personal gain.
I'm an open source developer who works for Microsoft. Sure they may be evil, but they give me a six figure sallary.

You corporate whore.

by David237632 October 11, 2005
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The tildle or ~ represents a word that can be put infront of whore.

The (insert word here) whore represents several meanings. It generally means:
1) The word in front of the word whore singifies that the person or thing being described is someone/something that is addicted to word in front of the word whore.
2)Refers to someone that is obsessive/abusive over the said word in front of the word whore

1)I wish she would listen to me and stop being an EverQuest~whore.

2)I really wish that Jane would stop being an hair products~whore and using all the hairgel up.
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A) A man/woman that lacks self worth, and reduces themselves to the lowest possible level in order to attain social acceptance in the hopes that they will attract attention.

B) A female that collects fees for sexual favours
A) Wow that girl Kim really has no class. She'll do anything to get attention. She really is a whore.

B) Listen, for $180 you can get a whore for 1 hour or to blow your load twice.
by illusion8055 September 17, 2008
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Someone who spreads their legs for anyone. Rachet bitch with an STD.
Jessica was being a whore, when she desided to get with someone who was expecting a baby on the way. Jessica was a whore when she got an STD.
by MissJacksonvilleBitch June 29, 2012
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