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It's a phrase you use towards someone when you want to stress a point that, although not really important, still bears mentioning. It's almost like when people say or write "just saying" at the end of a comment.
A girl throws a drink in your friend's face...

Friend: "I can't believe that bitch did that to me!"
You: "Not for nothing, but you were acting like an ass."

Friend: "I can't believe that bitch did that to me!"
You: "Well, you were acting like an ass. Just saying."
by not for nothing August 18, 2014
Taken from the sport of football, punting is a passive-aggressive way of delaying an action or an inevitable result. When someone punts, it's usually because they are faced with an uncomfortable situation where they are afraid to give a clear answer, response, or explanation to avoid judgment, ridicule, or scorn.
"I asked Tony if he wanted to hang out, shoot some pool and get a couple of brews. Instead of telling me directly that he really didn't want to go, he punted, saying he needed to ask his wife first. Tony wanted to avoid the uncomfortable situation of possibly hurting my feelings, so he made his wife the scapegoat, because everyone knows what a selfish, possessive bitch she is."
by not for nothing October 28, 2019
The term refers to a designer watch from Jacob and Company, a company that sells stupid expensive watches.
The Game Lyrics from "Hate It or Love It"

"...I ain't have 50 cent when my grandmama died
Now I'm going back to Cali with my Jacob on, see how time fly?"
by not for nothing February 23, 2019
When someone speaks, acts or performs around others in a way that assumes the other people already know the basics. This can be fine for all parties involved, but it can also be considered rude, depending on what the subject matter is and who's receiving it.
A friend invites you over for dinner with his family. During dinner, the relatives start talking endlessly about Mortimer's problems. You keep thinking: "Who the fuck is Mortimer?" and no one at the table has the courtesy to explain to you who Mortimer is. The family was speaking "matter of factly" about some loser named Mortimer.

Snottrah: Do you want to come back over for dinner?
Perphenalia: Nah. Last time I was there everyone started talking matter-of-factly about some prick named Mortimer and I sat there like an idiot.
Snottrah: Oh, sorry. Mortimer's my meth addict uncle. We disowned him a couple of years back for holding himself at gunpoint and carjacking his own car.

Why is the professor talking so matter-of-factly about That's because you missed the first two classes, genius.
by not for nothing September 1, 2018
Another way of calling someone conceited, snobby or uppity. Describes someone who believes they are better than someone else. There's a verse from Black Moon's "Who Got Da Props" that uses the term:

"See I paid my dues, now you can't tell me nothing
This is dedicated to the ones who kept fronting
The ones who tried to diss and post high? Oh no
Just 'cause you had low, see now I got dough
Abbott: Hey, look at my new Mercedes. Sure beats that hooptie you drive around in.
Costello: Oh, so you tryin' to post high, like you all that? We both know yo' ass is on food stamps!
by not for nothing August 28, 2018
An older (70s-80s) term that means to walk in an exaggerated motion, where you are rocking, or "switching" your behind back and forth to get attention. Streetwalkers do this to get the attention of johns. Therefore, switching is not seen as a positive term. It's a term used for someone who is considered slutty, promiscuous or just a plain showoff. Usually used for women but also sometimes for effeminate or gay men.
Look at this chick walking down the street. As soon as I drove up, she started switching. She still ain't gettin' no ride. I gotta get over my mom's for some of her bomb ass potato salad.
by not for nothing April 30, 2016