A university degree that offers students the ability to study a wide range of subjects, but ultimately learn nothing. The arts degree provides a broad college experience, but extremely bad job prospects.
Arts students will often try to disguise their choice of course by naming the individual subjects they're doing, e.g. 'Theology and Sociology', 'Anthropology, Quantitave Economics and Medieval German'.(Nice try, it's still arts!)
Having only 8-12 hours of college a week (including tutorials, practicals, study and any other work their course 'demands') leaves arts students with a lot of free time. This free time is usually taken up with protests, smoking weed, sleeping, attending concerts or styling their hair/applying fake tan.
Written on a toilet paper dispenser: 'Arts Degree: Please take one'.
by Captainfailure April 12, 2008
A construct of the middle classes that allows young adults to spend the best part of three years happily wasted, learning a lot of nice- yet ultimately useless information, without detriment to future employment prospects.
Science student: are you just gonna sit there hung over all day, think of me as i do my 9-5 lab shift

Arts student: no, remember i do an arts degree: i might ponder whether life is just a dream or start my essay on existentialism... nah, there's still vodka left from last night.
by FitouKing May 18, 2010
A toilet roll holder. Highlights that the only use for an arts degree is to wipe your bum with it.
Guy after big dump: ugh, no, the arts degree dispenser's empty! *rummages thru bag for scrap paper* I hope my actual arts degree is in here.
by HimOfTheSouth September 24, 2011
It is the head up your butt degree for college kids that haven't gotten out of high school so they drag it out another two more years. It is usually grade 13 and 14 and it is a perfect opportunity to smoke, drink, party, and sleep with a hangover it away. It may help you decide what you want to do with life and eventually will get you working some government job. The classes they make you take are some environmentalist shit, foreign language, something to suck up to Mexicans because of human diversity, history, worthless math, a science that thumps global warming, see what they are shoving?
I am going to college for my Associate of Arts Degree.
by Kyle 230 May 15, 2010
A degree in the Conservative Arts, like plumbing, electrical and carpentry. These trades are not typically taught at traditional colleges, but also don't require a vast amount of student debt.
Connor, "I am barely making ends meet with all of my student debt!"
Eddie, "You should have pursued a Conservative Arts degree instead. I just bought a new truck!"
by ultradaddy May 20, 2019
When you graduate and realise making a hobby your job was a bad idea and you hate your job and / or you can’t find a job in the first place
q: "Who's that girl crying over there?"
a: "Oh, that's mia, she's got art degree blues."
by retski May 27, 2022