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The former Prince of the kingdom of Lorderan and Paladin of the Silver Hand in the rts game Warcraft 3. In order to save his people from dying at the hands of a plague of undeath, he:
*Killed the entire populace of the city of Stratholme

*Killed his best friend and fellow hero Mauradin Bronzebeard just for a sword to kill the guy who made him kill all those people in Stratholme.

In the end, however, he became a stooge of the very source of the undead plague, the Lich King. He became an anti-paladin, a death knight, and soon took over the kingdom he was destined to rule anyway, but soon lost it because he was too busy trying to kill a whiny emo Nelf-demon (See Illidan) that his powers waned and a superhot undead elf chick (See Sylvanas Windrunner) took over Lorderan.
ZOMG!!!!11!1!11 I cant w8 to kill Arthas, ill be soooo uber! :P
by Michael Kraemer May 13, 2008
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The "hapless doop" chosen by the lich king Ner'Zhul to be his host.
arthas is Ner'Zhul's bitch
by Ozroth May 04, 2004
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Artha is a name of Sanskrit origin which means wealth and prosperity. Person named so is helpful to others and likes to make friends. She may take time to be very open to you. Artha is a pretty uncommon name. Person named so in your life will change your life for the good.
by 1995melody August 23, 2020
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