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Generally, a jock who both men and women would dream to fuck. Hardworking and smart, and a nice guy all-round.
-What's a homosexual male?
-A male person attracted to any other male person, excluding Arseny
by Rhosnes Hayeilliheaulds August 14, 2017
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A hot af dude who is most likely Russian or slavic in general , aswell most likely a very good looking multilingal genius with good accent and beautiful voice that is friendly , he may slightly be an introvert and nost people with that name may be bookworms but can be dangerous in a way in case theure abgry seeing their cleverness , and people easily fall for the owner of this name but yet he is loyal for his partner , and for sure amazing at bed ;)
Person 1: i wonder what that guy's name
Person 2: thats an arseny for sure
by GreekAnonymus June 12, 2018
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A guy who many people want to fuck. His sexiness makes guys around him want to fuck him, yet he keeps himself strictly a ladies'-man
Arseny is a ladies'-man
by friend March 30, 2003
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he is good he likes ebola he will infect anyone who is in his way his friend wreck it ralph has mental issues for example boanthropy and walking corpse syndrome
arseny is an idior
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