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She’s has a wonderful sense of humor considering she makes people laugh
Curvy usually, big hips and butt... very independent and smart and knows what’s he wants
Can sometimes be annoying but it comes from a place of caring a lot
Known for being very kind and genuine towards others and can’t stand when people are fake
Sometimes clumsy or ditzy
Likes simple things in life and isn’t very materialistic

Can be the most thoughtful/sweet person

Often it is hard for her to trust you at first but once she knows you are down for her you will have her loyalty.... always late to events

Can sometimes be oblivious and innocent so in a way you want to protect her

Arsema is the kind of person you can’t just let go of because you will never find another
Arsema is really the sweetest!!

I know right!
by belllllsmith June 09, 2018
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She is independent, and have really strong feelings. Brave and caring. Have a lot a of motions toward love. And kill herself!
"Arsema doing fine?"

"Yea yea"
by Jellyfishh556Rwal May 07, 2018
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Very beautiful,Can be annoying she is skinny VERY skinny and be very hot at times...that one girl who is very quiet also and crazy...also them eyebrows aren't plunked either but the rest is fine
James:Hey is Arsema Free tonight
Chris:I don't think soo but them eyebrows are crazy
James:but skinny SHIT
by Jellyfishh556Rwal October 23, 2017
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