Best person to be with and sexiest person alive and he is the nicest person ever and the most down to Earth guy ever and he is the most hard core person alive. His name is also used to scare of anyone that talks of him and is very clever. He has surpassed a normal man and his limits just do not end.
Never mention Armaan.
Tom"Yo bruh, remember when Armaa...where did you go?"
Felix"Bro Jack got scared once you mention Armaa... bro Tom where did you go?"
by ThisDudeJustDidThis420 January 4, 2017
A cool dude that people hate for some weird reason he can be mean at times but he is a really nice person when you meet him
Armaan is the coolest
by Marauder101 May 23, 2018
The definition for this word is your heart's desire or what you truly want and love.
That kid over there is my armaan.

The tall, suave, boy near the tennis courts is my armaan.
by Kuthistrong January 31, 2006
A slang term meaning a rich, slick, good
looking male who is ghetto and preppy. a
Our coach is preppy and ghetto but he aint no Armaan.
by mcoog March 21, 2007
- a sexy ass mofo indeed. typically being pretty emo and edgy, anyone named armaan is usually your typical quiet, reserved badass ally that you'd never want to mess around with

- tractor gang // ide gas
bro, you need to be more of an armaan and less of a sharmouta.
by glupigallaway August 3, 2020
Really really nice when you get to know him well funny always humble and keeps his word he has the best girlfriend in the world and never takes shit people love to hate on him don’t know why and he is good looking
That kid Armaan is well fit
by Armaan’s bae February 10, 2019