Arlette is the most beautiful girl in the universe. She will steal your heart and make you fall so deeply in love, that you will become immune to any form of sadness. She is funny, smart, geeky, will definitely clap your cheeks in any video game, but that's ok. Because you'll get to admire her beauty while she does.
"What more can I say.. Arlette is everything I couldve ever asked for and so much more.. I think I'm gonna marry her.."
by LowValentino January 15, 2019
A beautiful, gorgeous, sweet girl who is intelligent, funny and chill. She has brown hair and is usually under 6 foot. Brown eyes and is a keeper. If you stumble upon an Arlette don’t let her slip into the wrong hands, keep this beauty happy and keep her away from any bad influences.
Christopher: Who’s that new girl?

Jerry: Thats Arlette. She is so funny!

Charlie: I’m gonna go make my move, she is gorgeous!
by JerryIsAWingman January 25, 2021
A really smart,Kind of phsyco and funny person that can make anyone fall in love,she is a really happy person but is really sensitive tend to hide most of their feeling and are scared to ask for help
Justin,"Wow, who is that girl"
Caleb,"that's Arlette"
Justin,"well she's hot"
by Karma.Is.A.BICH April 15, 2018
Arlette is a wonderful person that you can trust,she is very smart,kind,and creative girl
I love spending time with Arlette
by kanetic sand February 2, 2020
Arlette is a beautiful, smart girl that is very reliable and very trustable.

People should like her!
Not like, LOVE!
People's names that is "Arlette" will be the most prettiest girl on Earth!
Paul: Who are you? You look pretty...

Arlette: My name is Arlette!
by xXMinedksnXx June 10, 2013
A mcdonalds queen that wins everything she wants
how come you win everything
by mcdonaldsqueen November 2, 2016