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Arlette is a beautiful, smart girl that is very reliable and very trustable.

People should like her!
Not like, LOVE!
People's names that is "Arlette" will be the most prettiest girl on Earth!
Paul: Who are you? You look pretty...

Arlette: My name is Arlette!
by xXMinedksnXx June 10, 2013
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A really smart,Kind of phsyco and funny person that can make anyone fall in love,she is a really happy person but is really sensitive tend to hide most of their feeling and are scared to ask for help
Justin,"Wow, who is that girl"
Caleb,"that's Arlette"
Justin,"well she's hot"
by Karma.Is.A.BICH May 26, 2018
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Arlette is a self centered piece of shit, all she talks about is herself and her non existent love life. Dont trust Arlette guys, shes just gonna bring up her ex and is gonna back stab you within 3 seconds, she is annoying and she is just no. Daniel never loved you hun, get over it, stop bringing it up and maybe we'll stop yelling his name whenever you walk by.
Arlette, daniel ever loved you, get over it bitch
by adfaiohfdoab May 30, 2018
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