Someone who supports, stalks, loves, and obsesses over Ariana Grande 24/7
Person 1: "Honestly I love Ariana Grande so much. I could talk about her all the time. I never would run out of things to say!"
Person 2: "Um girl I think you are an Arianator.."
by itsmedacookie July 2, 2018
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An Arianator is a fan of the pop singer Ariana Grande, they also can be called "Tiny Elephants" or "Loves".
by Yesforpizza March 3, 2017
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The name of a die hard fan of Ariana Grande. Kind and friendly like Ariana, Arianators are a strong fan base for our leader. Arianators make up the Ariana Army
Person 1: I'm Ariana Grande's biggest fan
Person 2: I'm not a fan of her
Person 1: What? You love her!
Person 2: I do love her. I'm an Arianator
by I Love Ariana October 17, 2011
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An Arianator is a person who adores or admires the ongoing celebrity Ariana Grande.
A fanbase socially created on Twitter to socialize with her fans.
" I'm an arianator, I admire Ariana Grande."
"Why are you an arianator?"

"I admire Ariana Grande."
by Author In Training May 20, 2013
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An Arianator is a QUEEN who loves and supports Ariana Grande. Their fanbase is sweet af & super supportive of each other. THEY DO NOT SPREAD HATE ABOUT OTHER ARTIST. If they do they can’t call themselfs a real Arianator bc queen ari doesn’t want us to shame other artist!!!
Person 1: I love Ariana Grande! I love and support her, but I do not hate on other artists!
Person 2: You must be an Arianator!
by thecooliest12 May 14, 2018
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Someone who loves, cares, and looks up to Ariana Grande
Ariana Grande is a queen and of course I'm an Arianator
by #Ariana_Grande May 5, 2020
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