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Someone who supports, stalks, loves, and obsesses over Ariana Grande 24/7
Person 1: "Honestly I love Ariana Grande so much. I could talk about her all the time. I never would run out of things to say!"
Person 2: "Um girl I think you are an Arianator.."
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by itsmedacookie July 02, 2018
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An Arianator is a fan of the pop singer Ariana Grande, they also can be called "Tiny Elephants" or "Loves".
by Yesforpizza March 03, 2017
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The name of a die hard fan of Ariana Grande. Kind and friendly like Ariana, Arianators are a strong fan base for our leader. Arianators make up the Ariana Army
Person 1: I'm Ariana Grande's biggest fan
Person 2: I'm not a fan of her
Person 1: What? You love her!
Person 2: I do love her. I'm an Arianator
by I Love Ariana October 16, 2011
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An Arianator is a person who adores or admires the ongoing celebrity Ariana Grande.
A fanbase socially created on Twitter to socialize with her fans.
" I'm an arianator, I admire Ariana Grande."
"Why are you an arianator?"

"I admire Ariana Grande."
by Author In Training May 20, 2013
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People say that this fanbase are lame, shitty and unoriginal.
I disagree. I personally don't really call myself an Arianator as such but these fans are die-hard and amazing.

They are so kind and amazing to Ariana Grande and she appreciates everything they do for her.
Over the years people have been supporting her, times have changed for Ariana, like Arianators have changed.
2011: I Love You Ariana. Arianators Will Always Be Here For You. Cupcakes And Bows On You Haters! xox
2012: I love Ariana she's just so asdfghjkkl :
2013: everybody got a little time fo' the way
by sparksflygrande on twitter April 10, 2013
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An Arianator is a QUEEN who loves and supports Ariana Grande. Their fanbase is sweet af & super supportive of each other. THEY DO NOT SPREAD HATE ABOUT OTHER ARTIST. If they do they can’t call themselfs a real Arianator bc queen ari doesn’t want us to shame other artist!!!
Person 1: I love Ariana Grande! I love and support her, but I do not hate on other artists!
Person 2: You must be an Arianator!
by thecooliest12 May 14, 2018
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