An Arianator is a QUEEN who loves and supports Ariana Grande. Their fanbase is sweet af & super supportive of each other. THEY DO NOT SPREAD HATE ABOUT OTHER ARTIST. If they do they can’t call themselfs a real Arianator bc queen ari doesn’t want us to shame other artist!!!
Person 1: I love Ariana Grande! I love and support her, but I do not hate on other artists!
Person 2: You must be an Arianator!
by thecooliest12 May 14, 2018
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somebody who is obsessed with Ariana Grande and kows litterally everything about her and just can't stop talking about her!! Ariana Grande is one of the most talented singers out there with a 4 octave range including an accurate whistle tone and can belt out falsettos!! Ariana grande opens up to her fans and loves them more than anything. Arianators support her through everything she does and is still there for her after her traumatic expieriences and stayed strong. Arianators admire more than anything and ussually idolize her. I a an aranator and i do know ariananators have problems of their own. Fake arianators are the worst and think they know more than you about her and are arianators biggest problem esspecially when you have one that is your friend!! Arianators have so much to say about Ariana and want to show everyone what they love and they get a lot of hate for it which i dont think is fair!! If you know an arianator make sure you are respectful to them because they have been through alot. They are just people who love Ariana Grande-Butera for who she is and has felt the pain Ari has and will still be there for her. After Ari's traumatic inncodents, she's still been willing to do anything for her fans and gets hate for no reason at all!! both ariana grande and arianators (or "tiny elaphants" or "ariana army") deserves better ... so just remember that ...
Elana: well you better be careful because an arianator is one bitch who will do anything to pretect her idol and just wants to show people what she loves
Michaela: o well I'll try to be a little nicer and maybe try her out for myself
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by lipstick is a stick July 29, 2020
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a person who loves and supports ariana grande at all costs. will respect ariana's decisions and choices. an arianator should not hate on her exes and ex friends. an arianator also enjoys ariana's music :)
Im an arianator! I have lots of Ariana Grande merch!
by asianweeabo April 08, 2019
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Someone who is a hardcore fan of ariana grande. Some people say they are kind and loving like her but lots of them bullshit about other musicians and bands.
Person 1 : I love ariana grande so much!
Person 2 : that's cool, I like mcr
Person 1 : wtf is wrong with you? Here's a list of all the reasons they're shit
Person 2 : lame guess, you're an Arianator
by Complete Dickhead April 16, 2020
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A fan of the american singer and actress, and broadway star, Ariana Grande.
I became an Arianator after watching Victorious, Swindle, and Sam and Cat.
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by finding.happiness December 24, 2018
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