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An Arianator is a fan of the pop singer Ariana Grande, they also can be called "Tiny Elephants" or "Loves".
Arianators were all over the place in that Ariana Grande Concert.
by Yesforpizza March 03, 2017

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A reference when a person loves pizza so much that he\she can actually live their life eating it
Person 1: Man, how many pizzas did you eat this week?
Person 2: A Lot, but i still don't care because Pizza Is Life!
by Yesforpizza January 10, 2018

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is the slang use of "Yes" but more exciting answered, used mostly between teens; the spelling of the word can be having one or multiple "S" at the end.
Person 1 : Are You Coming to the party?
Person 2: Jass Girl.
by Yesforpizza March 10, 2017

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