A gorgeous girl who would make the best girlfriend . She is a bit slutty and really girly. She will always be there for you in any situation and will always have your side. If you have an Argy as a friend , you're lucky
Wow . You 're lucky your girlfriend is Argy
by Marygilat March 26, 2016
Someone who engages in argument
A Argy is someone who often engages in argument and will not stop antagonizing.
by 🧠🧠🧠 October 18, 2020
Slang for Argentine conscript
Watch out for those Argies up ahead
by Big Ron March 19, 2004
ARGIE is a name that corresponds goodliness .
A- always

I- instructions

E- everyday
Be a good argie if you want to be in goodliness
by RJ4 August 19, 2021
A person from Argentina. This word is generally used in a despective way, but not all the time.
"This Argie thought he was the best football player in the world"
by Rodrigo Mencía July 2, 2006
Comes from the greek word Argiro which means silver or platinum. Meaning Argi's areof the highest quality. Argi's are sleek and smooth, gorgeous and refined. Argi's are fun and not at all stuffy. People see them as outgoing personable but usually unattainable.
Person 1:That girl always gets all of the attention, She knows everybody!

Person 2: Yeah she's an Argi
by phyliss leyva February 5, 2010
a super loyal friend, to the point of killing for their best friend.
Argie is really protective of their best friend.
by Argie S. November 24, 2018