A Archeologist is a person who looks for ancient artifacts and tombs they analyze the artifacts to find what civilization it belonged to/ how the person died (if it's a person in a tomb of course).

They also go to different countries to find lost civilizations and artifacts. From doing all that hard work they get paid (it's their job). A famous and well-known archeologist character would be Indiana Jones.
An example would be: "John was an archeologist looking for ancient tombs in Egypt."
by Victhemoonwalker April 24, 2017
"Look at that archeologist, doing some legal grave robbing. I cant believe they just let them do that, the dinosaurs need to rest in peace."
by Me me big pseudonym June 16, 2020
Naked guy who uses his dick as a chisel to dig up ancient ruins.

Made popular by a History Channel Series
The naked archeologist had a difficult time getting through limestone
by Gizorge May 3, 2009
A karaoke singer who sings really old songs.
"Golden" is a kara-archeologist.
by Mike Comanche March 4, 2009
When not initially finding offense, the offense archeologist digs for the offense until they find it. When they unearth an offense they polish it up, put it on a pedestal, and then bask in the glow cast upon them by the admiration of the offense archeologist peers.
The offense archeologist had to twist the speaker's words into the realm of the obsurd in order to find something to be offended by.

I wore a tan shirt to my lecture, an Offense Archeologist said it was a brown shirt and asked me if I liked Hitler.
by Don E Darko July 10, 2022
Finding and keeping for your own, items and objects in an urban or sub urban setting, such as a grocery store, swap meet, or shopping mall.
Alan isn't a thief he's an urban archeologist.
by Dick R. Johnson April 28, 2010
1.a person who uses his cock to give a another person anal pleasure

2. an insult to a person
hey you anal archeologist
by billy bob 009 December 17, 2007