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In Basque, this name means “thorn bush.” She’s the girl you want to take on a road trip. If she played an instrument it would be the harp; if she cooked you something it would be bitter. She has good taste in music even though she doesn’t have a favorite genre. You’d like to feel her hair and steal her shoes.
I’m gonna steal Arantxa’s shoes
by tuesdaythursday January 21, 2019
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A beautiful girl who has anger issues and problems choosing men. In Basque this name means "Thorn." (self explanatory)
by NaturallyViolent February 13, 2008
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She's a beautiful girl with an angelic voice. Her personality that makes me fall inlove with her everyday and her beautiful soul. An intelligent person. She's my first girl, the first girl that i love. Some might think she's not that attractive at all but for me, she's the prettiest girl I've ever seen. There might be some other attractive girls with beautiful personality too but there's no one like her, I'm thankful to god that he gave me this girl, another reason to be happy. There's some time that I want to give up but my heart says no, she's my yellow and will always be. I love her so much even though i get sad or jealous when she's not replying ^^. I always talk to god about her, about how much i love that girl, and how she changed me. I didn't regret choosing this girl. She's mine, no one could take this girl away from me, I'm going to protect her at all cost.
'so who's your yellow?' 'arántxa'
by Picpoco January 26, 2021
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