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An intelligent, cute and handsome person. Typically brown/black hair that is wavy. He is known for being very attractive when he matures, at first he may fool you just being adorable. He typically has a way talking to ladies because of his generous and kind style. However, he is a very open person but, can be shy with "that" girl. Arad is usually a little aggressive in sports and good at it.
"Wow that kid is such a arad"
by RightoutoftheDictionary December 30, 2011
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Quite an interesting variety of stuff. I especially like that when you're on a page a completely different comment box shows up so you can follow a totally non-related but equally enticing thread.
Anyone on ARAD have any information on how to facilitate the logistics of a massive gangbang?
by DarkActs June 01, 2018
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Brown hair typically curly. Normally dated back to Persian background. Typically aggressive to people he dosent know or like but is very loyal to the people he cares about. Tends to have a small circle and enjoys outdoor activities and typically a man of weapons and fighting.
That guys definitely a Arad.
by james the bum February 17, 2019
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