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An intelligent, cute and handsome person. Typically brown/black hair that is wavy. He is known for being very attractive when he matures, at first he may fool you just being adorable. He typically has a way talking to ladies because of his generous and kind style. However, he is a very open person but, can be shy with "that" girl. Arad is usually a little aggressive in sports and good at it.
"Wow that kid is such a arad"
by RightoutoftheDictionary December 30, 2011
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Quite an interesting variety of stuff. I especially like that when you're on a page a completely different comment box shows up so you can follow a totally non-related but equally enticing thread.
Anyone on ARAD have any information on how to facilitate the logistics of a massive gangbang?
by DarkActs June 01, 2018
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