december 8th 9th and 10th{ is national suck dick day ,suck the fuck outta yo boyfriends dick !!
boyfriend do you know what day it is?
girlfriend no, what is it?
boyfriend well, get on yo knees babygirl and suck this dick because it’s national suck dick day
by hi whore December 7, 2019
This wonderful holiday falls on June 24th
Tom:You hear what tomorrow is?
Jessica:The 24th?

Tom:No National Suck Dick Day!
by TheMoreYouKnow100 June 12, 2017
Suck any guys or boyfriends dick until it falls off and if they aren’t finished fuck the shit out of them until they pass the fuck out
by Timmylikesjimmy December 30, 2020
National suck dick they is when you suck a guys dick anytime of the day or give your man some pleasure and it’s on the 15th of April
Ashley:Guess what’s tomorrow
Chris:April 15th

Ashley:no it’s national suck dick day so be ready