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This is the day hit trans hyperpop artist Kkbutterfly27xx released her mixtape, the day the world turned upside down
Person 1: "are you excited for April 15th."
Person 2: "ofc, I got my blue hair and pronoun badge!"
by Veelovesyou_ April 11, 2022
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April 15th is National Anime day you don't go outside stay inside and only watch anime. Weebs you can sit back and relax watch some Haikyu or Assassination Classroom
April 15th is a special day for weebs
by CellsE April 15, 2020
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Him: "Hey babe you know what tomorrow is?" Babe: "What?" Him: "Sex Day!!! ;). (its called April 15th.)"
by GoobaGoobaDued November 13, 2019
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April 15th is national sex day. Don't be shy, grab a partner and do the deed!
Dude it's April 15th, you taggin anyone?
by User1792789 November 17, 2020
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just another quarantine day where you send once again booty pics to any guy cause ur desperate
guy 1:hey did you hear about april 15th?
guy 2:yeah dude best day ever
by booty doesn't matter April 15, 2020
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Cole: Yo do you think Jake will have his first kiss today? I mean it’s April 15th..
Henry: Oh yeah national first kiss day! But nah I don’t think so he’s still a pussy
by John joe mama April 10, 2021
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An april 15th girl is a girl who is just a bad a** and loves to have a good time, She sould be respected and cared for, treat her nicely.
OMG, She is such an April 15th girl
by LivingOnTheDanceFloor May 11, 2021
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