Tell someone that loves Anime that on August 17 they can celebrate how much they love anime and buy as much anime merch as they want.
Today is "National Anime day"!
by Baby Yoda fan January 14, 2021
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August 13th - The day Americans pretend to know about Japanese culture by binge watching anime and dressing up like clowns. Inspired by YamatoCon, the first standalone anime con in the USA.
"Yea man I'm an old school otaku, I was there for the inspiration for National Anime Day."
by Otaking April 16, 2022
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You must cosplay someone from an anime or make an OC! ♥️✨ goodluck
by Anime love gurly November 9, 2019
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One day out of the year, June 7th, bestiality is 100% legal. You may make love, kiss, and impregnate animals without a case.
National Horny for Animal Day is my favorite holiday!
by funny_stuff November 12, 2020
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Bring your stuff animal with you places. School, shops, bring that “stuffie 🥺” everywhere!!
“Oh it’s National Stuff Animal Day!”
by 69lives96wives May 14, 2022
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