April 15th is Randy appreciation day
Because Randy Tran is the best mom I could ask for and hes cute and adorable and hot at the same time and his personality is amazing and if u happen to know a randy tran give him a kiss. No not literally bc I'll stab u jk
(I'm not kidding)
Joana: Randy lemme suck ur dick since its april 15th
Me: Try it and I'll cut ur nonexistent titties off
by Uglythotyeehaw April 13, 2019
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April 15th

Sung to the tune of "Close to You"

by The Carpenters.

"On the day that I was born, the angels got together and decided to create a Bitch come true!

So they sprinkled moon dust in my hair and golden starlight in my eyes of brownnnnnn.

That is why all the boys in town.. follow Liz (that's me!).. all arounnnnd.... Just like Steve.. they long to beeee close to meeeeeee!
Not only is April 15th Tax Day, but it's also the day the Titanic sank... 😢 Now on a good note, April 15th is also the day that I was born!!! 💕
by iLizard June 18, 2020
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National Date your 5th @ for a day. Why not
Today’s April 15th😳 @Pussytalentend is my 5th @🙄 welp.
by April 15th April 14, 2021
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titanic rememberance day
today is april 15th, titanic rememberance day
by wibbles.exe April 16, 2021
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A day where you smack your friends ballocks so hard the turn into tomatoes.
"Hey its 15th April!" "Time to smack his big juicy succulent bawlls"
by Plesse March 14, 2022
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