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When you pick up your smartphone to do something, get distracted by Facebook, email, Twitter, or some other app and forget why you picked up your phone in the first place.
"Hey, check this out: a kitten on a Roomba! Wait. What was trying to do before? Oh man..."

"Dude, you've got appnesia!"
by 5thsurprise September 21, 2013
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When you click off an application you're using, then immediately forget which app it was.
Guy: I was using the Urban Dictionary app today, and I clicked off of it to call somebody, and I forgot what app I was just using!

Guy 2: Dude, total appnesia.
by Ethan-M July 08, 2011
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the inability to find an app on your iPhone you originally thought you owned
I must have appnesia, I thought I had google sky on my phone, but now I can't find it.
by sexyvillian September 04, 2011
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