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The debris left on the underside of the toilet seat from the intense back splash in the toilet bowl from a loose bowel movement.
Dude...that chili dog went right through me man...shrapnel went flying everywhere!

Dude...next time you get IBS clean the shrapnel from under the seat!
by skyeyeimages June 14, 2009

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A word used to dicribe something very good.
Dude, this nacho dip is rockstar!
by skyeyeimages February 09, 2013

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Being "Guap" after receiving your federal tax return.
Dude, I'm headed to by that new IPod tablet...

(Freind) Whoa, you musta got Federal Guap!
by skyeyeimages February 10, 2013

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A pattern or history of short term relationships normally lasting less than two years.
Hey man, ya boy and ol' girl ain't kickin' it no more...guess he's up for his "new every two"...
by skyeyeimages January 02, 2011

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The act of a mortgage lender sending out redundant notices of intent to foreclose, prior to actually foreclosing. Similar to foreplay prior to sex.
DeShaunte's bank keep sending him "foreclosure play" notices that they gonna foreclose on his crib...
by skyeyeimages December 26, 2010

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Bent Outta Shape
This bitch got all BOS cuz I didn't text her right back
by skyeyeimages December 23, 2010

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A secret "boo" or lover who you deny having (derived from the old school slang definition reffering to something that's nonsense or ridiculous).
(Person one) "hey yo G...there go your applesauce...ain't you gonna halla at her"?
(Person two) "man...ya'll be trippin'...I don't even know that chick"...
by skyeyeimages April 16, 2011

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