1. Used to describe "smoothbrains" who can buy and HODL meme stocks ($AMC, $GME and other meme stocks) as well as some cryptocurrencies.
2. Used to describe "to the moon" (skyrocketing with no resistance) stocks/cryptocurrencies which have a high short interest or no shares to borrow. The stock is short squeezing and hedge funds try to crash the retail traders but bear losses. Also, Elon Musk (not limited to) tweets signals as well as calls for meme stocks and dogecoin. And these stocks and cryptocurrencies grows like "apeish".
They don't know my apeish stocks will bring me a new Lamborghini.
My trading style is not bullish, nor bearish. But apeish!
by Leo_yuan June 25, 2021
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1. Man, before fully completing evolution .
2. Pre-human beings, also known as cavemen.
3. Today, also seen in some African tribes. They posess a protruding forehead and abnormally wide spread nose.
That man standing over there, looks apeish to me.
by Squirrel260 November 15, 2006
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