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Is a person unworthy of life. Sperm is one of the most abundant materials in this world. There is so much through out the world that to be called a waste of sperm is an insult since so much is wasted daily into tissues. Something, anything, someone could have been a better baby or a person compared to the person in question.
"The Blair witch project is the most creative movie ever made"
Shut up julie you waste of sperm.
by The show a.k.a Gio March 05, 2008
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Someone so stupid, useless to the world and to people that they are better off being hand jobs or sperm.

These people usually wreck innocent peoples lives, causing them severe drama, annoyance,

do nothing good except want stupid things like, designer clothes, tattoos,
My brother is a waste of sperm, all he does is get in my business and live off my parents.
by dogmanforlife September 22, 2019
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